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Friday, May 27, 2005

I'm A Large Mammal Now!

and i'm not talking about my waistline...but i guess i qualify there, too!

no, i'm talking about my status in the TTLB Ecosystem...i devolved from a Marsupial back to a Rodent a few days ago (GRRR! oops, i meant SQUEEEEEK!), so imagine my surprise when i woke up today to find that i was now a Mammal! only two words can describe my feelings...


is that considered two words, or does the hyphen make it one word?

ah, heck. who cares.

well, now i'd like to thank everyone that has helped me achieve my new status. and a few deserve extra-special thanks, for getting me going in this blogging thing, and keeping me going even when nobody else seems to care (or at least leave a comment to let me know that they care...)

first, my blog-parents, basil and sarahk.

y'all showed me that anyone and everyone can be a blogger, mostly by getting up and doing it yourselves, and having a lot of fun and entertaining me while you're doing your stuff. i got a lot of confidence from that, and have tried to model my style to be a reflection of the two of you.

and an extra round of thanks to basil for all the help with the technical problems, and for all the publicity he gave me as a newbie blogger.

next are phin and Tom, two bloggers that were willing to share their HTML knowledge with me (as in phin's coding for the seven sacred war phrases and Tom's referral to an online HTML tutorial). plus, they were among the first commentors on my humble blog. you guys ROCK!

and sorry, phin, still no more veggie porn.

and, of course, The Sisters.

The Big Sister (who's 5'4"), The Mean Sister (who is 5'6") and The Little Sister (who is 6'0")(and has never commented on my site, so i'm still not convinced that she is not a myth, but if basil and the real sisters believe she exists, then i do as well. and love her as much as i do the "real" sisters....) who have supported me from day 1.

and still do, when they can take time from their busy lives to actually sit down for a bit, relax, and read a blog or two. thanks for everything you've done to make me feel at home in this big, new world!

next, is my baseball nemesis, William Teach. a Dodgers fan, but underneath that vileness, a good man. loves baseball, the American Flag, and Star Wars too. with all that on his side, i can't fault him for picking the wrong team...:)

oddybobo definitely deserves a cheer from me, not only commenting on my site in the early days, but also giving up her Grammy's (Halmoni's) Kimchi recipe to somebody that would appreciate it. and i do.

last, but definitely not least, are the two bloggers that i have been giving publicity to lately on my humble site. Moe and Dane. they laugh at my stuff, i laugh at theirs, i promote them, they promote me.

ain't that what this whole thing is all about?

and, to everyone that has me linked but i didn't mention tonight, thank you. thank you very much.