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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Headline News! 5-28-05

Muslims denounce 'US Koran abuse'

Prefer to abuse Koran themselves

Internet Site Says Zarqawi Is Healthy and in Charge

Site Also Wants To Sell The Brooklyn Bridge

Intel: Iran equipped for atomic weapon

Exactly how chip-making company got this information is being reviewed by governments around the world

Atlanta police end standoff with crane climber

Police sniper finally came home from vacation

Iraqi Bombers Claim They Were Deceived

Say That Bombs Were Supposed To Be Filled With Stuffed Bunnies and Candy

Nokia Ventures into Non-Phone Territory

Is Severely Beaten, and Left at Edge of Phone Territory as a Warning

Fraud by Insurer in Calif. Alleged

By Yoda, written this headline was.

Microsoft urges Windows users to dump Netscape 8

And while you're at it, get rid of Firefox, Opera, and anything else we didn't make and charge you for. m'kay?

Face it: Spurs will be around awhile

Horses upset

Patrick will do 'whatever it takes'

Patrick really wants to get into Spongebob's square pants

Did 'Idol' wear out its welcome

Yes. Right after Moses got back to town

Strachan: I don't need Celtic ties

Strachan prefers Laker ties

Feds Examine Impotence Drug, Blindness Link

Your Mother Was Right....

Introducing the chocolate candy diet...

American kids will continue to be fat

Alzheimer Victim Sold 11 Organs

Fortunately For Organ Recipients, Brain Was Not Among Organs Sold

well, folks, that's the headline news for tonight.

and no, William Teach, and Tom, i haven't forgotten about the memes. i'm still working on them....

see y'all tomorrow.