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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Headlines 5-25-05

'Operation Spam Zombies' launched in 20 countries

Zombies in 20 countries afraid to open their inboxes

Buffett's Buying Energy

Jimmy is worn out from playing concerts all the time

Catch of the season

Will most likely not be made by the Giants

'Star Wars' Worm Targets AOL, Yahoo IM Services

Worm Still Upset After Millenium Falcon Got Away

Reports: Zarqawi Shot in Lung

Bullet Would Have Hit Heart, If He Had One

Investors Juiced About Scottish Power

Are Also Juiced On Scottish Whisky

Floods Devastate Colorado Trailer Park

At Least It Wasn't A Tornado

Parts spin-off blow for Ford

Ford used to parts falling off ,but doesn't know how to react to new problems

Secondhand smoke may cut women's fertility

Now even more men will light up a cigarette after sex

Carrie Underwood, All Choked Up

Bo Won't Let Go of Her Throat

Giants 10, Dodgers 2

William Teach: heh!

Grand Plan Approved to Give L.A. a Heart

Also Included in Plan: S.F. to get Courage, Sacramento, a Brain

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