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Monday, June 06, 2005

Headlines 6-06-05

Jackson at hospital again, for back pain

Says it hurts when he bends wait, that's next week's news.

User of Medical Marijuana Says She'll Continue to Fight

Against What, She Can't Quite Remember

US: Clinton defends Deep Throat, Kissinger critical

Clinton Likes Old-School Porn, Kissinger Prefers New Stuff

Microsoft aims at the BlackBerry market

Plans to computerize fruit have organic farmers worried

Cranberry juice may fight viruses, study finds

Study also urges dumb people to not pour juice into their computers

N.C. School Race Undecided After 7 Months

Them Kids Run Mighty Slow

Experts Gather to Discuss Antarctic Issues

Agree That It Is Very Cold Down There

Study Looks at Yellowstone Roads, Bison

Study Finally Identifies Smelly Substance Covering Yellowstone Roads

Brazil suspends logging permits in deforested Amazon state

Lack of trees to cut cited

California botanists find rare grass species not seen since 1912

After smoking it, California botanists proclaim it to be "primo, dude!"

Semifinalists Named in Desert Robot Race

R2D2 in Lead, C3PO a Distant Second

Corporations Entering World of Blogs

Then Firing Employees Found to be Blogging About Them

'Cinderella Man' in fighting form at box office

As is it's star in hotel lobby

Iran sends rare Bacon painting to Britain

Britons boil and eat it, then exclaim "mmmm, Bacon"

well, that's the news for tonight! for more headline humor, check out basil, Moe, and Dane.

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