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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Headlines 6-08-05

Eyes on Congress for Medical Marijuana Relief

Half-Closed, Very Bloodshot Eyes

Two U.S. pilots convicted of trying to fly while drunk

Flapping their arms and making airplane noises while staggering down the runway gave them away

Body Parts From Jet Hit a Long Island Home

Homeowner Says It Was Even Worse Than Frozen Sewage

Advani pulled a Congress on BJP

BJP pulled a .45...guess who won?

Bush won't help Turkey with Kurds

Will Help Turkey with Whey

Australian Police Says Powder in Embassy Packages `Harmless'

Police Tested it on Ozzy, and He Didn't Seem Any More Incoherent Than Before

Woodward does Washington

Not expected to be as popular as 'Debbie does Dallas'

Terrorism suspects rounded up near Sacramento

Suspects glad that The Governator didn't do it in person

What If the British Vote No?

They'll Vote However We Tell Them To....

Chip Wars: Apple & IBM

And I Thought the Cola Wars Were Bad Enough...

Hydrocarbon volcano discovered on Titan

Bush Blamed

The 'old' Tyson gets in his licks

And a bite or two

well, on that bad joke, i'll let you get back to work, or surfing the net, or whatever it is that you do after you read my headlines.

if you're going to read other blogs, i suggest you go and visit basil's, Moe's, and Dane's sites. good funny.

that is all.