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Saturday, June 11, 2005

It's Headline News Time Again!

sorry about missing a day of funny headlines. i started a download of SuSe Linux 9.3 to play with on my old computer yesterday, a 3+ gig download, and it is taking up so much bandwidth that my cable connection is slower than dial-up.

way slower.

so, i paused the Linux download tonight to bring you a few funny headlines.

Gogel hits Booz hard

Search Engine goes out to the bar with reporter that wrote this headline

Painkillers link to heart attacks

Heart attacks evolve in the TTLB Ecosystem

2nd Mad Cow Possible; U.S. Sees 'No Risk'

Rosie look-alike not expected to do anything important

Howard Dean's missing funny bone

Turns up in a bowl of fast-food chili

Counting on Lady Luck

Michael Jackson's Boy Luck has run out

Microsoft offers beta of Adobe rival

Will call it MudBrick

Rusty the clown

Is being sued by Krusty

The Gitmo Shuffle

Not As Entertaining As "The Curly Shuffle" (Hey Moe!...Hey Moe!)

now you all have the song stuck in your head, don't you?

nyuck nyuck nyuck!

well, back to the Linux...see y'all manana!