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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

3 Weeks!!!!

21 days....and i feel great, despite the nasty little summer cold i've had for the last day or two...

i've noticed that i have been salting food a bit less lately, and the salsa that i thought just a month ago was ok but a little wimpy now has a bite to it.

the urges are still getting me. sometimes mild, sometimes harsh, but not quite the climbing the walls, kill-someone-for-their-last-smoke type of cravings i have had in my previous attempts to quit cold turkey. i just deal with them if i can't avoid them, and they always go away...for a little while...

i know i'll have occasional cravings for years to come, i just hope that i'll be able to deal with them after i get off the patch.

i guess i'll find out then.

thanks, everyone, for your continuing support!