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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Headline News 6-21-05

Bush to visit Vietnam

Kerry says "I served in Vietnam!"

Missing Utah Scout found alive

Earns 'Wilderness Survival' merit badge, fails 'Orienteering' badge requirements

Deadbeat Dad Shot In Seattle Courthouse

Single Moms Cheer

Krispy discharges executives

Krusty discharges phlegm

Microsoft researchers develop new file-sharing system

Don't realize that the only thing that can be legally shared any more is open-source software

Corgan wants to reseed Pumpkins

BitTorrent users are uninterested in downloading old, crappy music

Gene keeps mums fertile

And, his famous tongue keeps them happy

Infertility in Europe to double in 10 years

Let's hope France leads the league....

Global Commercial Whaling Ban Upheld

A Collective Sigh of Relief is Heard from Moore, O'Donnell, and Winfrey's Blowholes

well, that's all for now!

see y'all tomorrow!