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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Helping Out A Friend

all the sauces that i've mentioned so far and will mention in the future (as i try them myself, that is) can be purchased here, or most may be ordered from their website, if one exists.

if you like to cook, or know somebody who does, please check out the huge line of products carried by this little gourmet store! and, as an added bonus, they'll ship nationwide! for a shipping and handling charge, of course.

many of the fine products are made right here in Northern California, and the herb and spice blends are from Penzey's Spice Co., not CA but very good nonetheless. i like the Bangkok blend, as well as the Jerk Chicken and the Jerk Pork blends.

and the selection of hot, hot, hot sauces is quite impressive.

if you order something, tell 'em moehawk sent ya!

that's all for now!