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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Headlines 6-28-05

Bush says Iraq war worth it, cites bin Laden

Bin Laden tears up citation, claims Bush isn't a police officer

Sunnis feel full force of Lightning strike

The Almighty decides to put in His Opinion on Islam

Friend, Associates Remember John Walton

"Yep, John Boy Was A Mighty Good Feller"

Today at Wimbledon

A Bunch of Rich People Played Tennis

Voices of Piglet, Tigger Die in Same Week

Severe Laryngitis is Spreading Throughout the Hundred-Acre Woods

Viagra does not increase the risk of blindness says Pfizer

Unless you use it while alone

Cancer risk linked to radiation exposure -study

Study also finds that the Pope wears a funny hat

Most U.S. Doctors Religious, Survey Finds

Survey Also Finds That Most U.S. Doctors Pray That They Won't Be Sued For Malpractice

Sharon vows to stop 'wild behavior' of pullout foes

Right after she stops 'wild behavior' of Ozzy

AMD sues rival Intel over 'monopoly abuses'

AMD claims Intel always took the car, and made them be the dog or the shoe

Group selects France as site of experimental fusion reactor

Group says "Well, if the experiment goes bad, no big loss"

well, folks, that's the news for now. i apologize once again for not posting more often lately, but i have to get over this nasty habit.

for more headline humor, visit basil, Moe, Dane and The Capitalist's sites. they have some good stuff, too.