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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Two Weeks!

yes, folks, it's been two whole weeks since i have smoked. i thank everyone for their support, all the kind words, encouragement, and patience for my not posting much lately.

even now, after 14 days, i find myself reaching for the pack and lighter when i sit down in front of the computer, but the urges to light up have been growing weaker on a daily basis.

i've noticed a decrease in coughing attacks, and an increase in energy, not to mention the fact that food is a bit more flavorful lately.

and, i don't stink like a dirty ashtray any more.

so, i have 14 more days on the step 1 patch, 14 on step 2, and 14 on step 3 until i'm done with nicotine.

good riddance to bad poison!

thanks again, y'all.