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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

19 Weeks!

yup, 4 months, 3 weeks without a smoke. and, down to only 5 or so urges per day. much better than 30 or 40.

no luck losing weight so far. haven't gained any more, so i suppose that's a small victory in itself. working in a restaurant, and having a fondness for almost any cured and smoked pork product, and sausage can be a problem when trying to slim down.

especially when we make our own smoked bacon, ham, and many different types of sausage, all better than the store bought stuff. way better. way too hard to resist...

and then today, i take a trip out of my small town. not a long trip, but just over the coastal range to a town that has a Wal-Mart and a Burger King. here in my town, Burger King bailed out years ago, and the only fast-food joint we have is McDonalds. i hate McD's, so i rarely eat burgers. i walk into Burger King, only to see that they are now offering the Triple Whopper with Cheese. like the Double Whopper wasn't big enough.

oh well, i can always start trying to eat healthier tomorrow. at least i didn't hit the Jack In The Box on my way home....a Triple Whopper with Cheese is mighty filling.

i know a person that lost quite a bit of weight by going vegetarian. so, i tried a couple of meat substitutes that are considerably less fatty than real sausage. if they are all as bad as Tofurky, the hippies can keep all that crap. i may try a few others just to keep an open mind, but i'm not expecting anything to come even close to a proper meat texture, let alone flavor.

guess i gotta bite the bullet and eat the dang boneless skinless chicken and force down the broccoli if i want to get below 200 lbs...

well that's enough complaining for now!

thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

16 Weeks!

16 weeks.

4 months.

so, tonight, i celebrated by having a smoke.

a mighty smoky, hickory grilled 20 oz ribeye steak, that is! and, unfortunately, most likely the last one of those for a while.

you see, my friends and loyal readers, i am suffering from the one and only downside of quitting smoking...since food tastes so much better now (and, i have never been too shy of stepping up to the dinner-plate anyway) i have put on a few pounds.

ok, more like 20 or 25..or so.

i didn't really realize it till i broke two office chairs in so many weeks. sure, they were Wal-Mart cheapies, but i've never broken any chair before, and it isn't much of a self-esteem booster!

so, slash the red meat consumption, lay off the baked potatoes with lots of cheese and sour cream, heck, gotta cut out most of my cheese consumption, and that sucks.

i really, really like cheese.

i know, some might say "try the Atkin's diet! you can eat all the cheese you want!", but having had some basic training to be a nutritionist while in chef school, i know that diet can not be healthy...i believe more in modifying eating habits and getting more exercise.

no pizza...major bummer!

no bacon, salami, kielbasa, braunschweiger, or pepperoni, either....

i see lots of skinless chicken breasts and salads and *gasp* vegetables in my near future. don't get me wrong, i have nothing against vegetables. vegetables nourish cows and other animals, which then go on to become real food. i like them mostly if they are in the form of lettuce, onion and tomato on top of a hamburger, or cabbage in kimchi. any other veggies, however, i view with a very skeptical eye...

oh well, i guess i gotta get used to them, cause i'll be eating a lot more of them. without the benefit of cheese sauce....


well, that's all for now!