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Monday, January 02, 2006

State of Emergency!

wow! we've had some bad weather here for the past week...

bad enough that Governor Arnold declared a State of Emergency for several counties, including the one i live in. here in my little town, we've had some partial blackouts, but the most inconveniencing thing is that all the roads in and out of town were closed for the last 3 days.

not a big deal for folks in hurricane territory, or other parts of this great country of ours that suffer regularly from the ravages of Mother Nature, but for us sheltered Northern Californians, floods are an event.

i went shopping for dinner tonight at our local supermarket, produce section almost empty. trucks couldn't get through the flooded roads until late tonight to deliver fresh produce, so we had to make do with picked-over produce for 2 whole days!


we had a lot of inconveniences, and a few evacuations for residents living close to rivers and large creeks, but i have never lived in a State of Emergency before.

my cable connection is acting up now. i must post soon!

see you soon, i hope!