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Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm Still Alive!

sorry, my friends, frequent readers, and those who have stopped by from a link just to find that i haven't posted in a while.

i apologize. i just haven't been in the mood to blog.

i started this blog half-cocked, ready to go to blog war with my Capitan, without even knowing of the hardships, grueling posting schedules, and raw talent necessary to win the war, let alone get to the top of the blogging world.

we won the war. had fun, defeated the likeable limey.

i had a few more months of fun as a large mammal mostly from links from my blogdad.

and my attempts at headline news funny!

well, since the glory days, my life has been mostly work, which keeps getting busier in this little tourist town, and trying to have a life, which is tough to do in a tourist town.


i guess i have become a pimp to my poor little town, since the SF Chronical called the restaurant that i work for to get the instructions to make our award winning crabcakes. they had the recipe, they couldn't make it work right.

i told them how to do it, they put a pretty picture in the paper , i still have no credit.


hmmm...i seem to be getting the pissed off thing going again...

see you all soon!