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Monday, April 04, 2005

More Headline Funny...I Hope!

Star Power Dimmed

Bush Blamed

Camera catches airport bomber

Camera's owner is surprised, but thankful

Their love has lasted, so let's wish them well

Something tells me we aren't talking about the Clintons

Cranberries May Help Keep Arteries Clear

Irish Band's CD Sales Skyrocket

Post-Prison, Martha Stewart Openes Up

In A Different Way Than While She Was Incarcerated (sorry, big and mean, that was gross, vulgar and un-called for nastyness...please close your eyes and skip to the next headline...)

Peanuts shed fat stigma, stage comeback

Charlie Brown and Schroeder talk about obesity issues and plan speaking tour, Lucy and Pigpen still silent

Oil Platforms May Be Used For Fish Farms

Tonight's Special Is Sea Bass In Kerosene Sauce...

ok, folks...i'm done!

you can resume your regular blog-reading now.

that is all.