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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Headlines! 5-23-05

Unrest puts Afghanistan back in the spotlight

Afghanistan says "How am i supposed to get any sleep with the lights on?"

Sharon Calls for Coordination in Mideast

Ozzy wants his drugs delivered faster

Warren Beatty Slams Gov. Arnold

Gov. Arnold suplexes Beatty, piledrives him, and then twists his arm until he screams like a girl, finally pins him to win the match

is "suplexes" a word?

A planet of their own

Wouldn't it be nice if the Liberal Whackos found it?

'Housewives' finale is satisfying, if not delicious

'Housewives' no longer 'Desperate'

How to save your skin

Is the hottest topic around Newsweek's water coolers

Transplant shock as 3 die from hamster virus

Tom begins to worry

Developer Hails Results of Ejaculation Drug Test

Athletes seem to prefer new test over standard urine test

Researchers Pinpoint Brain's Sarcasm Sensor

Now Are Looking For Brain's Bad Pun Generator

Spector's Past Gun Play to Figure in Trial

No joke on this one. just click on the link to see the worst white-man 'fro in history.

Man Leaps From Car to Retrieve Cigarette

Says "I'll tumble a mile on asphalt for a Camel"

India to build old-age home for tigers

Woods thanks India, but says that one bad season won't end his career

Florida Man Accused of Poaching Alligator

sarahk tells Frank J. "goofy-goof! everyone knows that alligators are best when they are barbecued!"

well, folks, that's the news for tonight.

i hope you liked it!

and as usual, you can find more headline funny at Dane's, Moe's and basil's sites.

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