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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Quitting Update 6-19-05

yesterday was a little easier. it's usually not that rough during the day, and while i'm at work, but after work is a different story.

i stayed away from the computer, that helped a little, but it still took longer than usual to get to sleep. i watched the tube till about 4 am, went to sleep finally.

sometime during the night, my patch fell off. most likely a result of the tossing and turning...woke up dying for a smoke, found the patch, stuck it back on with duct tape.

felt a little better about half an hour later.

today was actually pretty easy, just a few cravings at the usual times, like whenever i walked out of a building, CA, y'know. can't smoke anywhere indoors here except your own house...

already duct-taped today's patch on. don't want to take any chances....

doing ok now, enough to do a few headlines, maybe more than a few, if i can find any funny ones....

that's all for now!