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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I Picked The Wrong Day To Quit Smoking...6-14-05

Tsunami Warning after California Quake

moehawk heads for high ground

but, as long as i have the post open, i might as well toss in a few more!

Jackson cleared, but scars remain

On the psyches of all his victims

Bowel Cancer Linked to Red and Processed Meat

Red and Processed Meat evolved to 'Large Mammal'

Tsunami watch canceled on West Coast

Whew! *goes to put rowboat back in garage*

Jet Airways to purchase aircraft

Guess you can't call your company something like "Jet Airways" until you buy a plane or two...

The fastest man ever

Was Jackson leaving courthouse, just in case they read the verdict wrong

Batman and Freud

I'll Wait For the Video Release...

well, that's the headlines for tonight, i apologize for the brevity.

i'm waiting for the aftershocks to start!

for more headline goodness, or occasionally badness, check out basil's, Moe's,, Dane's and The Capitalist's sites.