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Monday, June 13, 2005

My Birthday

it was a good one, even though i had to work. i suppose i could have asked for the day off, but in a small restaurant like the one i work in, there is usually not a surplus of people to work a busy Saturday night, and i personally don't like to burden my co-workers with the extra stress of having one less person working the line than usual on any busy night. so, i worked.

before work, i had a nice lunch with my parents, grandma stopped by the restaurant on her way to work to say "Happy Birthday" and give me my present (two bags of different flavors of wood smoking-chips for my barbecue, and some much-needed socks).

Thanks Grandma!

from mom, three cool t-shirts, one tie-dye, one with a motorcycle and an American Flag, and one with a weber barbecue and the logo 'Grill Sergeant'...would be even funnier if i had military experience, but still funny. also, an assortment of spicy and garlic-y marinades and sauces from our local gourmet foodstuffs store. and, one more gift, but i'll tell you about that one tomorrow.

Thanks, Mom!

from my step-dad, a brand new remanufactured alternator for my beat-up, ugly but faithful little pickup truck. with a bit of help installing that one a week early, right when i needed it...

Thanks, Harold!

from my boss, a six-pack of different chicken wing sauces from Wing-Time. i'm going to try the 'hot' one tonight, see if it lives up to the title. if not, there's the 'super hot' to try tomorrow...

Thanks, Boss!

and, last but certainly not least, kind words from fellow bloggers and readers.

Thanks Again, Everyone!

notice that i haven't said how old i am...heh!


wing sauce is mighty good.