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Friday, June 17, 2005

Nicotine Starved Headlines 6-17-05

Motown massacre

Smokey swears he's innocent

Iranians ready to choose a new president

Yes, we would still like for John Kerry to be the President of your bad-ass nation that has lots of weapons that we would not like to be pointed at us....

Police question hostage gunmen

"Dude, is that a real AK-74? Kewl! where'd you get that?"

Police fear molestation of hundreds of children

Jackson was Acquitted

Dell: show us the Apple love

i may be a computer enthusiast, but i don't want to see that. not even on PodCast....

Giants hammer Twins bullpen for win

Dude, i think that's actually two in a row for the 'Ants! no joke, the Giants are the joke....

yes, i am a Giants fan. therefore, i am entitled to piss and moan, bitch, whine, scream, or yell about how bad that the Giants have been doing, as long as i still root for them the next game.


thanks, everyone, especially for putting up with my withdrawls.

see y'all manana!