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Friday, June 17, 2005

Thanks For All The Support!

in my effort to quit smoking, many of my fans have given their support.

unfortunately for all of us, i have the most urges to smoke while i'm sitting in front of my computer.

i thought about it today, while i was at work, and i realized that i smoked about 1/3 to 1/2 of my pack and a half per day while sitting in front of my computer at home.

well, it takes a bit of time to scour the world for news headlines worth making funny out of...

and, living in California, i can't smoke anywhere other than in my house in front of my f@#$%^g computer....couldn't, i meant...

so, if i blog lightly in the next few weeks, i hope you understand. it isn't because i don't like to entertain you by making up funny punchlines to badly written headlines. it isn't even because my little bro got me a cool new video game for my birthday and i'm too busy for blogging. i'll never be too busy to blog.

today was a rough one for the whole smoke-free thing. stressful night at work, but i think i'm over tonight's stress enough for the patch to keep doing it's job.

them nicotine fits only last about a half-minute, anyway...for now....

heh!...i'm stronger than that!

thanks again for the support!